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Schacht Winding Station

SCHACHT WINDING STATION  269.95 with *Free shipping

One stand holds it allThe sturdy winding station is designed to accommodate all your winding tools: ball winders, swifts, and bobbin winders.

 *  Cone rack for up to 8 cones
*  Spool rack for up to 8 spools
*  Made of hard maple and finely finished with Danish oil


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Leclerc Holds All     LE CLERC HOLDS ALL - 294.00

Here is a way to keep tools neatly arranged while you weave. This Holds-All can hold a multiple of accessories and fibers. 
It is also designed to allow you to fasten a hand bobbin winder onto it, or use it as a doubling stand.
And, it includes a spool rack that holds up to 10 spools or bobbins.
To double 2 threads together with a little twist: Place one cone or one tube on each shelf. Pass the bottom thread through the metal tube. Join the two threads and pass them through the holes at the bottom of the Holds-All.

More cones can be put on the floor to ply more threads.
Made out of Maple with the Leclerc finish.

Dimensions: Width: 34½ in., Height: 31 in., Depth: 11½ in., 
Weight: 20 lbs

6370-1000     294.00     ORDER

Schacht Warping Pegs


Warping Pegs are the simplest and most portable warp-measuring tools.  They clamp to a table or counter; the single peg placed at one end of the warp length and the pair of pegs placed at the other end, spread as far apart as the warp is long.  Use with your own C-clamps. 21.95  ORDER

Schacht 4.5 yd warping boardSchacht Vertical Warping MillSchacht Horizontal Warping Mill

SCHACHT 4 1/2 or 14 YARD WARPING BOARD        Warping Boards are the most commonly used measuring devices.  Schacht warping boards are available in two sizes:  the 14 yard warping board is one yard across and the 4 1/2 yard warping board measures a half yard across.  To withstand the strain of threads under tension, they  tenon their hardwood dowels and press them securely into the frame.

14 Yd- 39" x 31" x 6"  - 7 lbs.   118.00 w/ free shipping on 14 yd. warp board        ORDER                                                      4 1/2 Yd- 20" x 20" x 6" - 3 1/2 lbs. 76.95     ORDER


Warping Mills are ideal for long warps.  Instead of going back and forth with your arm to measure threads like on a warping board, the warping mill goes around and around which is quicker and less tiring.  Schacht  warping mills come in two models: the vertical warping mill sits on a table, and the horizontal warping mill which may be used either on a table or on the floor.  Both mills have a two yard circumference, will hold up to 18 yards of warp, and can be folded up for storage.

Vertical Warping Mill   25 in. x 36 in. x 25 in.  - 14 lbs.  340.00 with *Free shipping      ORDER                 

Horizontal Warping Mill  36 in. x 34 in. x 25 in.  - 18 lbs.  360.00 with *Free Shipping

0.00 with *Free shipping     ORDER




22 Yard - 2 yards per turn                                                         

Height - 38"    Width - 26 1/4"

#6340-2000           262.00 CALL



50 Yard - 4 yards per turn                                                                 

Height 68" - Width 59"

$6340-4000 - 712.00 ppd. CALL

Schacht Spool Rack


Our spool rack is essential for sectional warping.  Ours will hold up to forty 4" spools and has a center post that pivots for easy loading and unloading.  The center post locks into place during use.  Even though the spool rack is generally used for sectional warping.  It can be indispensable for other studio tasks as well: holding standard yarn tubes and bobbins or as a place to clamp a swift or ball winder.  Our spools are made of cardboard and measure 4" wide with 3" flanges.

249.95 with Free Shipping       ORDER


LE CLERC SPOOL RACK can hold forty 4" (102mm) spools. Built like a frame: 21" x 37" (53 cm x 94 cm) with two removable supports. The pins are fixed to a central post that can be turned when removing bobbins.

LC-6362-1000     $ 187.00.                                         

OPTIONAL THREAD GUIDES FOR SPOOL RACK              LC-6362-2000     $91.00

SPOOL RACK WITH STANDARD THREAD GUIDES           LC-6362-3000     $ 262.00

OPTIONAL THREAD GUIDES FOR SPOOL RACK              LC-with Pigtail Screws LC-6362-3000     177.00

SPOOL RACK with Thread Guide installed and with pigtail screws LC-+6362-3002 = 345.00


LE CLERC STUDIO SPOOL AND CONE RACK -  This bobbin rack can hold 50 : 4" - diameter bobbins (or tubes) or 30 : 8" - diameter cones. Each thread is guided by a pig tail eye which makes the treading easier; there is an additional row of pig tail eyes so that all bobbins of all sections can be either unwound by the end or unrolled. The bobbin rack can be folded for storage. During the warping, it must be open to an angle which gives it stability and uniform tension in the threads. 

LC-6362-9900   CALL

Schacht Tension Box

SCHACHT TENSION BOX - Schacht's Tension Box features a mounting bracket that adjusts to fit all Schacht Looms:   Wolf, Standard, or Cranbrook.  It should be compatible with floor looms other than Schacht's, as well.  Features include: two-sided sturdy construction with a reed at the back, an adjustable tension knob, a heddle to make the cross, and a swiveling reed at the front to adjust the feeding width of the warp.   

7" x 15" x 12"    5 lb.    

299.95 with *Free Shipping      ORDER

Leclerc Tension Box

LE CLERC TENSION BOX is adjustable to fit any LeClerc floor loom. Also fits many other looms. 

The tension box is used with the Sectional Warp Beam and is adjustable to fit any Leclerc floor loom. The tension is adjustable, and it gives uniform tension on all warp ends as they are wound from the spool rack to thc loom. Two open 12 threads per inch (4.8 / cm) combs allow easy threading and help guide threads into the proper section.
It can also be used with counter when filling bobbins, holding threads and giving number of meters or yards on bobbins.

NEW : 2 fix rollers, 2 adjustable rollers for better tension control.
6160-1000                                                                        155.00 special order item     ORDER


Schacht Yardage Counter

SCHACHT YARDAGE COUNTER - Yardage counters are useful tools for those who warp sectionaly.  As opposed to most counters which read in feet, Schacht's records yards (you can also request a meter counter).  The counter will record up to 9999 yards and comes complete with a clamp.       

187.95 with *Free Shipping     ORDER

Leclerc Yardage Counter

LE CLERC YARDAGE COUNTER - Records in feet. Fits on the Le Clerc Tension Box.                                                                                LC6160-6                000       110.00 in stock     ORDER